Selasa, 15 November 2016

objective place

My objective for writing a book about entrepreneurship wastwo-fold: first, to share business principles with readers worldwide andsecondly, to raise scholarship dollars for my foundation, The Shumake Familyand Friends Foundation, in hopes to educate children in third world countries.One hundred percent of the proceeds from my book sales is contributed toeducational causes. As a businessman and honorary consul to Botswana andTanzania, Africa, I am committed to the double bottom line: make a profit, makea difference. My hope is to promote youth in business and teach them the needto give back to the less fortunate. My foundation has given over 180scholarships domestically. In 2011, we launched the Shumake Legacy Academy, aschool for 3000 orphans with HIV/AIDS, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I hope mybooks will inspire you to share with your friends and assist in promoting ourtrue goal, to raise scholarship money for students worldwide. Thank you inadvance for your support.I wrote For Entrepreneurs WhoConsidered Suicide When Business Got Tough! to discuss one of the truemeanings of suicide. We're all familiar with the most commonly used definition,but with my book, I introduce another meaning: killing our God-given dreams. Aperson once asked where the wealthiest place in the world was. The answer isthe graveyard. Many people take their ideas and dreams to the grave when theydie, and there they lie, buried, unfulfilled. These destroyed dreams are, too,the true meaning of suicide.

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